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Pharmaceotical PRODUCTS

Our fully experienced experts stuff in our different branches over the world make sure all pharmaceutical factories sure to procure and purchase all what they need through our fully active offices in Spain, Germany , Italy and Turkey from East and West reliable sources for under mentioned projects: 

• Finish products
We can help our customers best giving them suitable services such as preparing pharmaceutical raw material as well as commercial services.

In case our customers need and request, we are able to find and submit all pharmaceutical raw materials in API system. Variety of these items and size of granules gives the best choice to the manufacturers for suitable formulation and production of different medicines in tablet, syrup, suppository and ampules

• CTD and DMF production
In case our customers need for CTD and DMF production, we are able easily to provide them high technology to produce special pharmaceuticals in any possibilities of formulation. We do our best to bring highest possible technology in pharmaceutical production.

• Proposal and production of machineries

Pharmaceutical factories in any level of technical need new different technology and machineries. We are able to help these factories best

• Introduction technical stuffs and / or technical information

• Know-how and training

• Contract manufacturing
Contract manufacturing is another collaboration system between two pharmaceutical factories. This is one of our experts to tie two parts to each other to have a tight relationship for producing medicines.
WE can help our customer to find very famous factories and do our best to tie new producers with them to produce new items in their own name




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